In the beginning...

In the fall of 2003, I heard a radio announcer here in Houston talk about how some 22 year old girl put up a web site and asked total strangers to send her money through Paypal so she could get out of credit card debt. She raised something like 18,000 in two years from people she didn't know. Every month, she posted how much she'd payed down her debt, and she got some national attention as the first internet freeloader from Good Morning America.

That got me to thinking. Why not ask total strangers for a buck for something really good, like a Porsche?

After all, I'm not an idiot who got myself in debt so heavily that I had to beg for money. I think my cause was a million times better than hers. In fact, I think everyone bailing her out of debt was just about the worst thing that could have happened to her... disciplined debt reduction over a period of 4 or 5 years, working two jobs to do it and scraping by would have taught her a far better lesson in life. I bet she's right back in debt over her head today.

But I digress. Back to MY web site story.

I always thought it would be hilarious to stand next to a nice German car at an intersection in a wealthy part of Houston with a sign that said, "Can't make my BMW payments. Please give generously!" I knew I wouldn't get anything, but hey, the comments and laughter would be quite funny.

So, I decided to put up my own web site and try to get total strangers to give me money for my dream car. Below is the original text that was on the only page of the site. It remained there for about a year untouched, and I raised about $15 dollars, mostly from friends. But, I did get a $20 gift from a young guy who thought my Boxster was cool in late 2005.

Enjoy the humor, then return to the front page and donate a buck to my supercharger upgrade. You know you want to help me do this in exchange for all the helpful stuff I provide on this web site, and you have a golden opportunity to make your mother proud. Thanks in advance for your generous contribution! (See, I just can't get it out of my system!)

The Dream
When I was eight years old, I distinctly remember a Saturday drive in the family car with my dad. We were on the freeway, and we drove up next to a 944 Turbo, cruising at the speed limit in the right lane. It was bright red and had an older gentleman behind the wheel.

When he saw me pressing my nose against the glass of our passenger car's side window, he flashed his headlights (which popped up his concealed headlights, which was very, very cool for an 8 year old boy), downshifted, and left me with my jaw down. Within seconds, he was completely out of sight. I was absolutely taken with the style and speed of that automobile.

I turned to my dad that day and said, "One day I'm gonna drive a car like that!" to which he replied, "Son, cars like that are for rich people. We're not rich people."

You know, he was right. We weren't rich. I was a preacher's kid and while we always had a roof over our heads and food on the table, we lived paycheck to paycheck.

The Request
I'm a middle-aged guy now, with a wife, a dog, and an old house that needs lots of renovation. While life isn't terrible by any means, the fact is that I'll probably never save enough to own a Porsche, even a used one.

This is where you come in. I need your help!

I put this website online to ask every person who views it to donate a single dollar to my cause.

Yes, I'm asking you - a total stranger - to help me buy my dream car.

Now you may be thinking this is an impossible goal due to the cost of these fine automobiles, but you are only partially right. I do not want a top of the line Porsche, and I do not want a brand new one.

The car of my dreams is a '97 Boxster. Through small donations like the one you are about to make, I'm closer than ever.

Would you like to go to sleep tonight knowing you were part of something far bigger than yourself? Click the Paypal button below and donate a dollar (or more!) to my little fund. I invest all the dollars donated... it will not be wasted, I assure you.

The Bottom Line
There are few things more noble than helping a stranger fulfill a dream, and now is your opportunity. Don't let it pass you by.

Just think of it. People from all walks of life banding together to create a new Porsche owner, one dollar at a time. It's a truly awesome thought whose time has come.

Thank you for your dollar!

- Randall